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AASC State Presidents

Akex Kaprosy AASC State President
Christopher Joseph
Betty Fairfax High School
Nikita Noronha AASC State President
Zoe Festa-Woods
Lake Havasu High School
MacKenzie Saunders AASC State President
Joshua Freid
Sunrise Mountain High School

What Does a State President Do?

  1. AASC State Officers are full voting members of the AASC Executive Board and must attend all meetings of this group. (usually 4 – 5 meetings each year)
  2. Along with the other 2 AASC State Officers – promote schools to contribute to the AASC State Charity and if possible coordinate activities to support this Charity.
  3. Attend all AASC Events and Functions: Leadership/Spirit Conferences, President/Advisor Luncheons, AASC State Convention, AASC D-Backs Game, National Association of Student Councils National Convention. AASC Summer Leadership Camp.
  4. Represent the Arizona Delegation at the annual National Convention. Design the AZ delegation’s T-Shirts.
  5. Work alongside with AASC Executive and Associate Directors in the implementation and execution of AASC Events and Activities.
  6. Correspond and give reports on behalf of AASC to the Region 6 NASC Student Board Member as well as correspond and share ideas with the State Officers of other states.
  7. Create and promote better communications among all AASC Member schools.
  8. Submit articles for AASC Newsletter/website.
  9. Give AASC update reports at all AASC Functions and Events.
  10. Encourage the participation and attendance of all AASC Member schools in all AASC events & activities.
  11. Help with the selection of candidates for AASC State Office, assist with the selection of the AASC Outstanding Advisor Award, review applications and assist with the awarding of AASC Scholarships.
  12. Stay in communication with the AASC Directors.
  13. Represent and serve AASC and your home school with pride, respect, and dignity by being an appropriate and positive role model for all student leaders.