AASC Summer Camp

The Arizona Association of Student Councils hosts the Annual


Each summer, in mid-June, AASC heads up north to the fresh weather of Prescott, AZ for 5-days of the best leadership training AASC can offer. The AASC Summer Leadership Camp Experience is unlike any other AASC programming AASC presents throughout the year. Delegates will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and "Trust the Process" that has enthralled and inspired thousands of Arizona's best leaders over multiple decades.

"Summer camp was a great experience! I loved being able to meet new people across the state and get to know them through leadership activities. The activities also helped me to get to know myself better and how I can be a better leader."

- Caroline Smith (Class of 2019)

"#Trusttheprocess is all there is to it. By doing so, this was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I’m happy I was able to go. It was my first time going, and I learned that it’s a special place where you can go from being a complete stranger to someone and in the next day, (let alone the next hour) not wanting to leave their side. The AASC Summer Camp was one of the few places where you could learn to love and trust those said “strangers” and instead call them family. The camp makes up tremendous amounts of teamwork, encouragement, and leadership to top it all off. It’s one thing I will remember forever. D2 (That’s My Crew).

- Chaz Serna (Class of 2018)